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Catnip Kicker Toy

Catnip Kicker Toy

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Your cat will LOVE our handmade, crochet catnip kicker toys. They are the perfect size to bite, kick, and toss around. They are durable too! Stuffed with premium catnip, valerian, and honeysuckle, your cat will go WILD!

SIZES: 4" or 8" kickers available

We also take custom orders, so if you would like a specific color(s) that isn't listed, just let us know!

MATERIALS USED: acrylic yarn, polyfill, catnip, valerian, and honeysuckle


***As these items are handmade, please allow a shipping turnaround time of 7-9 days.


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Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide, with the exception of the EU. Unfortunately the tax laws make it extremely complicated for a small business like us to sell there.