Hi, I'm Emily!

I've been traveling and adventuring with my cats for about 8 years now. We love to hike, road trip, canoe, and camp together. There's nothing like it!

I love sharing my excitement for cat adventure with others and encouraging them to get out there and do more with their cats.

After noticing how the majority of "pet" adventure gear and apparel was made with dogs in mind, I set out to create high-quality products for the cat adventurer.

All the leashes, collars, and cat toys you'll find in my shop are handcrafted by me personally, and all apparel items are designed by me as well. As I create these products, I like to think about all the fun and amazing places they will go with you and your kitty.

I love getting to be a part of your adventuring journey!

Thank you for your support. It means the world to me!

-- Emily

Visit kittycatgo.com for resources on traveling and adventuring with your cat, including info on training, gear, safety, and more!

Emily Hall - KittyCatGO Owner